Danny Thomas

Candidate for Clinton County Sheriff

Danny Thomas has been involved in law enforcement for over forty-six years beginning in March of 1973.

Danny began his career, in law enforcement, after spending three years in the United States Marine Corps reaching the rank of sergeant in less then two and a half years and is a Vietnam Veteran.

In March of 1973 Danny worked as a deputy sheriff for the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Tucson, Arizona, until 1984.

During his tenure as a deputy sheriff Danny worked as a patrol deputy, courts officer, undercover narcotics officer, SWAT Team Leader, K-9 deputy and a major crimes investigator.

When Danny left the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, he worked for the Oro Valley Police Department and the Show Low Police Department as a patrolman and then the Arizona Department of Corrections as a Corrections Officer.

In 1987 Danny became a liquor control police officer for the Arizona Department of Liquor Control retiring in 2007 as the Senior Special Investigator. Danny was the only liquor control officer, in Northern Arizona, for the majority of his employment with the Arizona Department of Liquor and was responsible for covering the top one-third of the State himself from the California border, to the New Mexico border, to the Utah border. Danny conducted many criminal and white-collar crime investigations while with the Department of Liquor Control.

Danny also spent time in 1990-1991 as a Nuclear Security Sergeant in Cordova, Illinois before returning to Arizona.

During Danny’s tenure as a deputy sheriff he worked numerous dangerous assignments that resulted in major felony arrests. Danny was involved in many undercover narcotics purchases that resulted in suspects being incarcerated for many years and thousands of pounds of marijuana and other drugs being seized. Danny also went undercover as an inmate in the Yuma County Jail, Arizona, to determine how narcotics were being smuggled into the jail facility. Danny was successful in finding the source of the contraband coming into the jail and spent additional time, as an inmate, gathering additional intelligence on what goes on when the jail doors are locked.

Danny has had extensive training in many aspects of law enforcement and has obtained two Associate degrees in Administration of Justice and Corrections. Danny has also attended many police continuing education classes and has obtained many certificates. Some of those classes have included, but not limited to, Corrections Classes and Certifications, Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Institute, Mira Costa College Patrolman and Government Services Certifications, California P.O.S.T. certified, D.E.A Narcotics Enforcement, D.U.I. Instructor Pima County Sheriff’s Department, SWAT and Advanced SWAT Training Schools, K-9 Handler School and handler, Department of Liquor Law School, Advanced Officer Training, Interview and Interrogation School, I.R.S. Financial Investigative Techniques School, Basic Police Supervision School, Police Supervisor’s Situational Leadership School, A.P.O.S.T. General Instructor School, Officer Survival School, Terrorism Training for Law Enforcement, Corporate Accounting Fraud Classes, Arizona Leadership Academy Foundation Level, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level, and Certified Public Manager’s School I, II and III becoming a Certified Public Manager.

Since January of 2008 Danny was appointed to the Deputy Constable position and rose to the position of Chief Deputy for the Coconino County Constables Office, in Flagstaff, Arizona. Deputy Constables are peace officers of the justice precinct, and have the same powers, duties and liabilities as a law enforcement officer. Deputy Constables serve all papers, processes, writs and warrants from their justice courts and any competent authority.

Deputy Constables assist the elected Constable with asset seizures to fulfill court judgments, conduct evictions, serve protective orders, summonses, subpoenas, and both civil and criminal arrest warrants.

Every year Danny has completed required APOST training in order to keep his certification as an Arizona Law Enforcement Officer.

Danny has also been a certified law enforcement instructor since 1992 instructing many law enforcement agencies and police academy recruits DUI Enforcement, Liquor Laws, Hidden or Undisclosed Ownerships, and Kick Underage Drinking to high school students. Danny has also instructed Parenting Classes for Parents Anonymous for over ten years.

Upon retiring from the Arizona Department of Liquor, as the Senior Special Investigator, Danny started his own consulting company where he is an instructor of liquor laws and is an expert in DRAM Shop liability cases and has written numerous opinions in lawsuit cases for over twenty-six law firms.

Danny has also been involved in the community of Flagstaff, Arizona. Danny has provided money to needy families in the Sunnyside neighborhood, of Flagstaff, for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Danny has also organized two law enforcement awards for the Flagstaff Police Department and the Coconino County Sheriff’s Department honoring two fallen officers, the Eric Lindstrom Award and the Dr. John Jamison Award, that is presented every year to an officer of the respective agency, for duty above and beyond.

Danny has always been a leader, deals with crises from a position of strength, uses his authority and position as a force for good and ensures justice will be done no matter what the situation is.

Danny also believes that getting the public involvement in supporting any police agencies is essential to a safer more productive community to combat crime. Getting involved in all communities associated with the geographical area of responsibility is required.

Danny has worked closely with many law enforcement agencies, including local State and Federal, in a cooperative effort to thwart crime and make the community a safer place to live and will continue to do so if elected Sheriff of Clinton County Iowa.

Danny is a strong supporter of employees and has demonstrated so with his continued support as a FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) Past President of Lodge 20 and Lodge 13. Danny was also founder and President of the Arizona Liquor Police Officers Association strongly supporting all officers and employees.

Danny comes from a long line of police officers. Danny’s father was a Captain on the Clinton Police Department and retired in the mid 1960’s from the Clinton Police Department. His brother Mike retired from the Tucson Police Department.

Danny was born and raised in Clinton, Iowa and graduated from Clinton High School in 1968. Danny believes in direct communication with county residents and wants you to review www.noazelc.com for further information and he also encourages direct contact at 928-814-3266.

Danny is looking forward to working as your Sheriff of Clinton County Iowa.