Tom Determann

Tom is running for Iowa House of Representatives, District 69.

A native of Clinton county, Tom is a successful local area businessman (retired), former city councilman, current county supervisor, and a veteran of the United States Army. Tom and his wife, Judy, live in Camanche, Iowa and have two daughters and three grandchildren.

Tom is extremely passionate about Clinton County, the state of Iowa, and our country. In his past and present leadership roles he has worked hard to help balance public budgets, reduce tax burdens on our citizens, and to attract new business and entrepreneurship to our area. This includes decades working on the effort to expand highway 30 to a four-lane highway that would help to attract those industries to our area by providing better logistical access across Northern Iowa and Illinois, from Ames to Chicago. This would help grow the Clinton County area by providing the last of the four highest priority needs of major industries when considering expansion to an area, including access to already available air, railroad, and river transportation. Tom sees education as one of the top priorities in Iowa and the Clinton area, he supports all law enforcement, and Tom supports efforts to shrink government and reduce stifling regulations that hinder growth.